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Brickwood Tooting

Overall Score6.8
Slightly haphazard and unrefined, this little cafe is more focused on the food than the coffee. It's a nice little spot during the week when its laid back vibes and market atmosphere make it a great spot for a catch up.

Nestled among the traders of traders of south london’s Tooting market you will find Brickwood Coffee & bread, the third installment of this Australian inspired franchise. It’s typically hipster corrugated iron sheeting and reclaimed wood counter-tops are a popular haunt of weekend brunchers and those in search of an all day breakfast.

The Vibe…
Visit during working hours and the atmosphere matches the rest of the market – laid back, eclectic and pleasantly casual, but it hasn’t seemed to adapt to the busier weekend trade. Visit on Saturday morning and everything is a little hectic. A jumble of patrons standing around awkwardly at the front counter trying to figure out the ordering system while serves weave impressively in-between them. Bottles of delicious mint water (which is always appreciated), flowers and a jar of light brown sugar adorn the tables and the seating is simple but comfortable. Music is to the taste of the staff on the day.

So whats the coffee like…
I was expecting good things from Brickwood’s coffee. The coffee is roasted by Caravan Coffee Roasters and inspired by the specialty coffee shops of Melbourne.

The espresso blend used is Caravans Market Blend. It’s a blend of fully washed Columbia and Guatemalan beans with a medium roast profile. Brewed out of a laMarzocco 2 group blue fb80 there is no reason this should no be a great espresso but it was bitter and flat. Tasting Notes: black cherry, treacle and pepper. 

The filter was a Honey Processed, Costa Rica La Palmera brewed through a V60. It was more pleasant but I always hate with a filter coffee comes in a 8oz cup, it just feels like bad value. Tasting Notes: medium acidity and body – Lemon, red fruits and milk chocolate. 

Top Tip: Visit on a Friday or Saturday night, grab a Franco Manca Pizza and a coffee cocktail from Brickwood as you soak up the atmosphere and music of Tooting market at night.