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5 Best Cafes to Work From

What makes a great café to work from? Here are my criteria:
– Easy to access, fast, wifi
– Good Atmosphere
– Somewhere where I can always get a seat beside a plug socket
– And Of course great coffee

So where has the best combination of these? Here’s my list (in order or of preference):

1. The Hoxton (Holborn)
The Hoxton is the perfect balance chic, practical and great ambiance . It seamlessly marries a hotel/café/bar and restaurant, all of which are standout quality. Walk in the doors and find yourself among some of the ‘who’s who’ of bloggers, freelancers and social media gurus. The coffee is Top Notch and Wifi is flawless. Seating varies from shared couches to individual work desks.

2. Timberyard TY (soho)
Timberyard as a café concept is all about creating a great work/café environments so no doubt it finds its way onto this list. Because of its ethos, TY has all the trimmings for working remotely, great wifi, lots of comfortable seating and even meeting rooms that can be booked. The coffee is sourced from a number of producers – The Barn and Climpson which is great but there batch filter coffee is a bit expensive for what it is.

3. Ozone Coffee (Shorditch )
Ozone Coffee is distractingly gorgeous and wafts of coffee coming from the roaster downstairs are just as bad. Most of the main seating areas are not great for working but along the right hand side as you come in, is a low rise bench that runs the length of the wall, intermittently broken up by vast opaque windows. The wall is lined with plug sockets and stools to sit at. Ozone also has the added benefit of some of the best coffee in the city

4. Ace Hotel (Shoreditch)
Any time day or night the Ace hotel Lobby is like the office of a funky new startup, filled with busy workers, tapping away on Mac’s at a large communal table. The Ace hotel is setup for communal working and manages to pull it off pretty successfully. It’s well equipped with wifi, plug sockets, great coffee and a full bar. The only thing is it can be hard to get a seat when it’s busy.

5. The Wellcome Collection – Wildcard option (Euston)
When you walk into the welcome Collection, it could be any other museum, and frankly i don’t like sitting in most museums. There cold, busy and generally have bad coffee. But ignore the downstairs cafe and head upstairs to the library and you will come across the most unexpected place. The library is stunning. The interior design is warm and inviting with lots of soft furnishings and bean bags, yes that right bean bags! Working from here makes you feel great and it has a nice cafe in the room opposite.